Marmorino Plaster Online in London

Buy top-grade Marmorino plaster from Stucco Veneziano and shape your home interiors the way you want. Marmorino plaster is widely used in homes across the UK, both on the outside and inside, for the rich appeal and durability. Whether you want to do the entire wall or just the patchwork, we sell Marmorino plaster in any which quantity you need.

Marmorino plaster is easy to mix and apply. Also, with essential additives, you can achieve the desired texture and tone for your walls.

Marmorino is made up of marble, combination lime and fine quartz sand to exhibit coarse look and feel, unlike venetian plaster. With its organic matte appeal, Marmorino adds depth and character to any surface.

Marmorino Plaster Suppliers in London

Stucco Veneziano is a leading supplier of Marmorino plaster in London and its surrounding suburbs. With plaster available in various packagings, at wholesale prices, Stucco Veneziano is the go-to plaster supplier in your region.

Being in the business since 2010, Stucco Veneziano has changed the landscape of decorative plaster industry by introducing innovative products which are taking the market by storm. Our Marmorino plaster is the first choice of architects, contractors and interior designers across the board.

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