Marmarino 2020 - a new look at an old technique
The use of the Marmorino technique was already known during Roman times and it was renewed during the Renaissance. This is our updated version - Marmorino 2020.

Composed of lime, marble powder and artisanal dexterity, Marmorino 2020 will create a uniform surface to your wall, totally smooth and pleasant to the touch. The somewhat satin finish makes the walls of the home welcoming and inviting.

Enhance Marmarino 2020 by choosing from 36 colours allowing your creativity to create a unique finish allowing your creativity to create a unique finish. However our usual 169 colors can also be easily obtained.

               Marmarino 2020  Marmarino 2020  Marmarino 2020

Easy application

Marmorino 2020 is applied with a trowel as two wet-on-wet coats, obtaining a smooth and homogeneous result in very short processing times. 

Ideal for large surfaces also thanks to the speed with which it is laid.

Finish the wall with Cera del Vecchio or Cera D'Api to deepen the colour and to achieve further protection and to increase both sheen and water resistance. This will also further extend the life of Marmorino 2020.

To find out more, visit our Marmorino 2020 product page which includes videos, the brochure and application guide.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discover how this artisan finish could transform your home.