Specialist wall finishes

Stucco Veneziano provides innovative plaster solutions to achieve specialist wall finishes in commercial and residential properties.

We provide quality polished plaster and wall finishes to enrich your property's interiors and exteriors, as well as walls that support external lifts, stairwells and kitchens.

A unique wall finish

At Stucco Veneziano, we can supply the polished plaster you need to achieve the desired finish on your walls. Our product range is extensive and cost effective compared to other similar products available on the market. 

How specialist wall finishes make a difference

A textured wall finish provides a perfect foundation for vibrant paint effects. Specialist wall finishes give you the freedom to create your own interior design features that resonate with your lifestyle and budget. Stucco Veneziano's wide selection of wall finishes and polished plasters can suit any theme and taste.

All our specialist wall finishes carry the essence of Italian workmanship and raw ingredients that are originally sourced from Italy.

Looking for a reason to choose our specialist wall finishes? We give you four:

1. Contain no acrylic additives as they are sold in their purest form

2. Fire resistant

3. 0% VOC

4. Environmentally friendly

Decorate your property inside and out with highly luxurious specialist wall finishes from Italy, with a seal of approval from Stucco Veneziano. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional plasterer, if you want specialist wall finishes for your upcoming project, we aim to deliver the best product according to your requirements and budget preferences.

Give us a call now to enquire about our products.