Stucco Veneziano provides quality wall finishes such as polished plaster to enrich your property’s interiors and exteriors. We offer a wide range of specialist wall finishes providing innovative plaster solutions for commercial and residential properties.

Specialist wall finishes give you the freedom to create your own interior design features that resonate with your lifestyle, all our specialist wall finishes carry the essence of Italian workmanship and raw ingredients sourced from Italy and our full range is available to buy online. 

Specialist Interior Wall Finishes

Our specialist wall finishes carry the essence of Italian workmanship and raw ingredients sourced from Italy. Our full range is available to buy online, giving you the freedom to create your own interior design features that resonate with your lifestyle. 

From our hand-crafted Venetian plaster collection which has a natural finish for those who want something different to an innovative high gloss option in either waterproof or breathable builds depending on where you are installing it - we have the perfect solution for every type of property owner. 

The material itself will also be as unique as its location; whether being used in residential properties such as bathrooms, kitchens or living spaces, or commercial buildings like hotels and restaurants – each project requires bespoke solutions tailored especially for their needs and the environment they are in. 

What is a Wall Finish?

Wall finishes are a way of sprucing up your external or internal walls (such as masonry walls or a stone wall) without having to paint them. The interior variety is often more delicate and needs maintenance on an ongoing basis - while the exterior varieties have traditionally been for outside use only. But this has changed with contemporary trends that see many different types being used in both interiors and exteriors nowadays!

Wall finishes are an interior decorator’s best friend. From the most delicate to some of the harshest, wall finishes offer a variety of options for architects and homeowners alike - from an attractive finish obtained or something more textured like plaster.

Some examples of Wall Finishes are: 

  • Plastering - A form of interior plaster that provides for a smooth finish achieved and can be moulded to create the perfect surface you need, whether it is curved or straight. It also has a lot more texture than paint so there's less chance your eyes will lose focus on what they're looking at. 
  • Stucco Veneziano Polished Plaster Finish - This traditional Venetian style wall finish offers a truly stunning look that is similar to polished marble or limestone.
  • Lacquer - A versatile, modern finish that can be used to create a property's interior or exterior walls and its smooth surface is easy to clean with just water.

New Techniques for Interior Design

New techniques offer more freedom for designers when it comes to wall finishes as they're no longer limited by traditional plastering methods - giving you an opportunity for creativity in your project, allowing you to create decorative finishes.  

For instance, some people may prefer textured wall surfaces like polished plaster which adds depth and texture to their design scheme while others might opt for sleek lacquers so their home has a chic new look without all the mess.

Whatever option you choose is right up there on our list of advantages because whichever one suits your needs will be perfect for your property. 

Why Should I Choose a Specialist Wall Finish?

A specialist wall finish offers a unique and personalised touch. It is the perfect way to give your home or office space that special finishing touch, as they are made from premium materials sourced from around the world like marble, reclaimed bricks for an authentic look or hand-crafted Venetian plaster with an aged patina effect which can be applied in either solid colours such as white, black or ochre – or more subtle tones of browns and greys.

Four reasons for choosing specialist wall finishes include:

  1. No acrylic additives as they are sold in their purest form
  2. Fire resistant
  3. 0% VOC
  4. Environmentally friendly

Whether your upcoming project is a commercial or residential property, if you would like specialist wall finishes, we strive to deliver the best product according to your requirements and budget preferences. 

Why Choose Us for Wall Finishes?

We have been offering our range of superior, durable and ecological wall finishes to customers throughout the UK for many years. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wall finishes, we have an extensive selection to choose from and our finishes have been sourced to the highest standards. 

Our customers are at the heart of our business; we are passionate about what we do which is why you will find us friendly, professional and flexible. Not only do we provide an excellent service but we always make sure that every job gets completed with care, attention to detail and exceptional quality. Browse through our website for more information regarding specialist wall finishes such as polished plastering.

Some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us for your interior wall finishes are:

  • We offer our wall finish service and products throughout the UK
  • We always maintain the same top quality service for all our clients
  • We offer all types of wall finishes and decorative treatment
  • We're passionate about the interior wall finishes we offer
  • We're competitively priced - Call us for a free quote

For more information about us or any of the different types of plaster and interior finishes we offer, please waste no time and be sure to get in touch. We have all your needs covered.

Whether it's for a building wall and you're looking for a brick wall effect or a stained glass finish, we have the building components to help. Our range of interior wall finishes is designed to help you to produce that interior or exterior look you're in search of.

We have a range of interior wall finishes to choose from, so whether you are looking to create a rough edgy finish, a Paris finish or incorporate stained glass panels, our experts have you covered. Browse our range online today and make the most of your property with Stucco Veneziano.

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Whatever your requirements are, we have a stunning collection of products for you to choose from. As well as improving and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, we also ensure an exceptional customer experience, supplying top quality products from trusted manufacturers.

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