Polished Plaster

We offer you our superb range of polished plaster finishes, simplified and categorised by marble grain size: Spatula Stuhhi, Spirito Libero and Istinto.

Our polished plasters putties are made from 100% genuine Italian aged slaked lime. VOC free and without acrylic additives, it is classed as a natural product.

Spatula Stuhhi (fine) Our flagship finish has been reigning supremacy for the past 24 years. It has intriguing pattern and shines like polished glass
Spirito Libero (medium) This Marmarino plaster can be finished smooth or left open, It can be further enhanced with colour washes or waxes
Istinto (coarse) Ideal for our unique broken stone effects, pitted, dragged, travertine and all textured finishes