Polished Plaster - a comprehensive guide

Stucco Veneziano provides innovative and high-quality polished plaster solutions achieving specialist wall finishes to enrich your property's interiors. Polished plaster is known by many names including venetian plaster, Italian plaster, lime plaster and marmorino and embraces a wide range of decorative finishes from those with a high sheen to those with textured effects.

Polished plaster is made of marble dust and when applied produces a polished, marble-like finish. It tends to be used on internal walls and ceilings, the finished results provide a truly stunning look that is similar to polished marble or limestone. By adding coloured pigment, a wide variety of colours can be created achieving consistent tones through different finishes.

We stock an extensive selection of polished plaster, which is sourced from Italy and contains no VOC or acrylic additives. Environmentally friendly, it allows the walls to breathe as well as being durable and easy to apply.

A natural feel

There are many ways to achieve a natural look with natural hues and textures when using polished plaster. The application of polished plaster creates a multi-tonal appearance, giving texture and direction. Polished plaster can be used as a statement wall in your home or can be used to create a direction, for example, in a hallway.

A dramatic feel

Metallic polished plaster can create a dramatic effect, allowing a home’s personality to literally shine through. If your interior has been designed deliberately minimalist, consider whether it’s time to liven things up a bit.

A classic feel

Spatula Stuhhi is the perfect choice for this with its smooth texture. With cleverly placed lighting you can enhance the effect of Spatula Stuhhi as the light will enhance the reflective properties of this plaster, helping to highlight the gradual movement between the colour values.

Spatula Stuhhi     Iron Rust     Istinto

Our polished plaster options

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we pride ourselves on offering a superb range of polished plaster finishes varying in grain size: 

  • Spatula Stuhhi¬†(fine)¬†- this polished plaster has a depth of finish and high sheen.
  • Spirito Libero¬†(medium)¬†- similar to the classical Marmarino plaster, it can be finished smooth and can be further enhanced with colour washes or waxes.
  • Istinto¬†(coarse)¬†- ideal for endless textured effects¬†including pitted, dragged, travertine.
  • Muro Naturale¬†(coarse) - this polished plaster has similar grain size to Istinto but contains mica which gives the appearance of honed marble.

Our polished plaster putties are made from 100% genuine Italian aged slaked lime; VOC free and without acrylic additives, and are classed as a natural products. 

With the ability to add coloured pigment and finishes, our wide range of products will help your residential or commercial property stand out.

No matter what type of polished plaster you might be looking for, our dedicated team can provide advice and guidance to ensure you choose the one best for you.


Polished plaster is not limited to just being used on walls, it can also be used on other surfaces such as wooden panels and plasterboard, after the appropriate preparation has taken place. This makes it versatile, both in colour and finish.


The plaster coating of polished plaster transforms into a rock-like substance once it has dried, making it is highly durable. 

Because polished plaster dries to a durable finish, it is less prone to cracking and shrinking, even in damp conditions, it can be an investment. In fact, if it gets wet, it will quickly allow any water that is absorbed to evaporate, because it is fully breathable. For this same reason, polished plaster walls can regulate humidity and prevent the growth of mould or fungus inside the wall.

Easy maintenance

Polished plaster is applied in layers, making it easier to repair and to return to the superb smooth appearance without the need for re-plastering the entire wall. 

Cleaning simply requires using a soft cloth with warm water and perhaps mild soap if needed.

It goes without saying, with our busy lifestyles we prefer low maintenance. Tiles are what we would call low maintenance, however grouting has a habit of becoming discoloured, and mould growth is commonplace. Grouting also breaks up a seamless finish. Polished plaster walls, however, require no grouting at all - so no broken lines. And the best part? Polished plaster is regarded as a lifetime finish, which means you achieve your low-maintenance ambition.

Due to polished plaster being lime-based it is the perfect solution for those rooms that would usually be tiled.


Since polished plaster is made of non-toxic materials, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released, therefore is environment friendly.

The appeal of polished plaster is that it allows walls to breathe making it suitable for locations with high humidity. The plaster acts as a defence against bacteria and fungus formation on the wall and therefore fights mould and inhibiting its growth. 

Enhancing polished plaster


We offer an extensive spectrum of colours to choose from which means you can achieve a seamless match with your existing scheme, or choose a brand new one, maybe even combining a variety of shades to create something truly unique.

Our range of pigments can be added to both our polished plaster and creative paint options. From neutrals to vibrant colours and much more, we have a full range available online. 

Creative paints

Enhance the look of your polished plaster, with our extensive range of creative paints from bold choices such as Oro Ricco to more neutral tones such as Via Lattea. 

With a hard wearing finish our creative paints can paint your imagination on the wall, creating visual textures and directional effects or producing a subtle sparkle or shimmer. 

Wax and protection

Our range of wax and protection products are designed to help protect the surface and make it more resistant to water and day-to-day stains, marks and scratches. We have a number of wax finishes to choose from including high gloss and matt. 

Wax and protection for polished plaster will help to maintain both its quality and look. We always recommend the use of wax and protection products when polished plaster is used especially, for example, in bathrooms or kitchens, as they allow the plaster to become more water repellent and easier to clean.


Primers are essential in providing a good adhesion to the substructure and Stucco Veneziano's range of primers has been developed to help deliver the perfect finish. Our range of high quality primers is suitable for polished plaster and creative paints, and available to view and purchase from our website.


We offer a comprehensive range of tools covering everything from trowels and brushes to spatulas and practical backpacks to carry them. We source only top quality tools and sundries and our painting and plastering products are designed to make your life easier. They are suitable for use by those new to the trade as well as experienced professionals. 

Why not take your time and browse through the following:

Wax and Protection - Iper Vetro     Polished Plaster - Gioia     Large Polished Plaster Trowel     

How to maintain and clean polished plaster

Here are our five top tips for maintaining Venetian polished plaster walls:

Check the overall finish

After application, the walls can be sealed with a wax protection which makes them waterproof, helping to repel any grease and grime. Applying a wax means the cleaning and maintenance of your freshly new plastered walls will be much easier. If the walls are not sealed, or you're unsure, test a small inconspicuous area before going ahead with the entire wall. If you’re not happy with the result, do consult us before taking further action, we would be very happy to help.

Be gentle when cleaning

When cleaning polished plaster, it is important to use only water and a mild soap, avoiding any harsh cleaning materials, as these can potentially damage the surface. We recommend using our cleansing milk, Latte Detergente. Although polished plaster is robust, it is also delicate, so always clean gently. We recommend using a damp cloth for wet wiping and a microfibre cloth for dusting, which will help keep the original lustre of the finish.

Dry thoroughly

Although water-resistant, it isn’t best practice to leave the surface wet. After cleaning, take another dry, soft, non-abrasive cloth and dry the wall down. By using circular motions this will help keep the sheen. Ensure there are no remaining water marks or smudges left that could blemish the appearance of your walls.

Tackle repairs carefully

Even though polished plaster is exceptionally durable, daily life can sometimes lead to cracks or scratches. However due to the fact the plaster is applied in layers, it’s very easy to repair and restore the smooth appearance without the need for re-plastering the entire wall. Although repairs can be simple, it is still advisable to call in specialists to rectify any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us, one of our team is always on hand to assist.

Polished Plaster FAQs

How do you apply polished plaster?

You apply polished plaster with a trowel. It has the consistency of thick yoghurt and is spread thinly over prepared and primed walls in three coats for Spatula Stuhhi  two coats for Spirito Libero and two coats for Istinto. Please watch the videos to see it being applied.

Is polished plaster waterproof?

Polished plaster in its natural form is not waterproof, you can apply wax or some sealants to make it water-resistant, but it will never be totally waterproof.

Can polished plaster be used in a bathroom/shower?

Polished plaster can be used in a bathroom, but it is not waterproof, therefore be careful where you apply it. However, it is good at resisting mildew and condensation as the lime in this natural product allows the walls to 'breathe', it is naturally anti-bacterial and also a natural mould killer.

How do you remove stains from polished plaster?

Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and apply a dab of mild liquid dish detergent in the centre. Very lightly buff the soapy cloth over any spots of dirt or minor stains to remove them. Remove soap residue with another damp cloth if necessary. However, unsealed walls will absorb oil and water, clean water will dry without effect, but oil or fat will remain. If you have success removing oil marks, please let me know.

How do you look after polished plaster walls?

Click here to take you to our page explaining how to maintain your polished plaster walls.

What are the benefits of Venetian Plaster?

Click here to take you to our page explaining the benefits of Venetian plaster.

How do you remove Venetian plaster?

Once the walls are dry you can only remove polished plaster by scraping or sanding. If you want to over paint then sand it to create a key then apply your new surface.

How do you clean polished plaster?

Polished plaster is a strong material, but it is also delicate, so cleaning should always be done gently, with sensitivity to the surface. We recommend using a mild soapy detergent with a damp cotton cloth to wipe down your walls, or a microfibre to dust them. You can re-wax or reseal your walls to restore its appearance.

What is marmorino?

Click here to take you to our page explaining Marmorino.

Why choose Stucco Veneziano?

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we have been offering our range of polished plaster products to our customers across the UK for many years.  We have many happy customers and having listened to their feedback, here are some of the reasons why you should choose Stucco Veneziano:

  • Wide selection of polished plaster options to choose from
  • We are a UK based company offering nationwide delivery
  • Our polished plasters are suitable for both¬†residential and commercial properties
  • Environmentally friendly¬†products
  • Dedicated team on hand to provide advice and assistance

Polished Plaster London

Based in London for shipping throughout the UK, as well as areas outside the UK, we have been offering our range of superior, durable, and ecological wall finishes and products to customers throughout the UK for many years. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wall finishes, we have an extensive selection to choose from and our finishes have been sourced to the highest standards. 

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For more information about polished plaster, please do not hesitate to get in touch, one of our team is always on hand to assist. We are here to take your call and answer any questions that you may have regarding any of our products including polished plaster, venetian plaster, creative paints, wellness paint, metal finishes, or primers.

We also have a range of application videos and other helpful tools to assist you in the application of polished plaster and other paints and finishes.

Polished Plaster for sale

Our full range of polished plaster is available to buy online directly through the Stucco Veneziano website. Our polished plaster is stocked in our London warehouse for shipping throughout the UK. For areas outside the UK, please call us for a shipping quote.

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