Nikkolor VetroLiquido PRP

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Nikkolor VetroLiquido PRP

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  • Nikkolor VetroLiquido PRP

    VetroLiquido PRP is a one-component transparent synthetic liquid sealant based on synthetic polymers and modified natural polymers. It is the ideal solution for the prolonged protection of interior and exterior surfaces.

    VetroLiquido PRP is designed to protect the final decorative layer of Cemento 3D, Marmura, ArchiMetal and Marblex Mirror.

    It creates an almost neutral film that gives a lasting protection. The coating can be applied to the surface of swimming pools, fountains, furniture and doors. It is also suitable for use in environments with heavy condensation, both on floors and walls. 

    Please read the VetroLiquido PRP Technical Sheet and application methods for application method sand usage.

    Please note you can apply this product with a roller but you must use a trowel to push the material down and level to ensure good adhesion and to reduce the amount of material used.

    Benefits of VetroLiquido PRP: 

    • Withstands high temperatures
    • Resistant to temperature changes
    • Resistant to chlorine and marine environments
    • Resistant to ultraviolet and ozone
    • Good resistance in environments with¬†heavy condensation
    • Reduces the formation of mould and algae
    • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion and protects against mural graffiti
    • Substantially reduces bacterial proliferation, improving hygiene
    • Application leaves the treated surfaces both hydrophobic and oleophobic
    • Reduces the adhesion of dirt, dust and pollutants, facilitates cleaning

    Available in 1 litre and 2.5 litres tubs. 15 litre tubs available on request.

    Coverage: Approximately 10 square metres / 1 litre per layer depending on the roughness, absorption and application tool used 

    VetroLiquido PRP Technical Sheet and application methodsÔĽŅ

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