Estasi di Marmo 

Take a look at the photos below to give you an idea of this beautiful marble finish - Estasi di Marmo.

Created with Istinto and consisting of lime, stone and marble powder, Estasi di Marmo is an age-old technique perpetuated over time and revived, and your ability, flair and creativity will produce endless different results.

Estasi di Marmo Animal    Estasi di Marmo Glass and Cucumber Square    Estasi di Marmo Dessert
 Estasi di Marmo Veg    Istinto Estasi di Marmo    Istinto Estasi di Marmo
Estasi di Marmo    Estasi di Marmo    Estasi di Marmo   

The colours of the marble veins are created by mixing Giorgio Graesan colours with Vetro, diluted 1:10. The white colour BO can be used for creating marble veins in Estasi di Marmo.

Estasi di Marmo can be left as is to achieve a natural appearance and maximum breathability or it can be protected with Cera d'Api to provide natural water repellency or waterproofed with Vetro or Iper Vetro for use in showers and on kitchen splashbacks.

Estasi di Marmo Brochure

Estasi di Marmo video 1

Estasi di Marmo video 2

Estasi di Marmo - Marmo Sahara Noir video - using Spatula Stuhhi

Application Guide and Colour Formulas

Colour Chart

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Estasi di Marmo Brush Set

Estasi di Marmo Brush Set