Colours of Stone

Click on your colour, for example GA, to reveal more detail. Each tone has a code which refers to the colour formula.

To choose the colour you require, you will need to buy the colour pigment separately, as the  base material is a natural white. In the Colour Charts you will see the pigments identified by a two-letter code with four variations of tone. These tones are made by adding the pigment in ratio to the base material, click to see Formulas.

These formulas are simplified to enable you to mix the colour on site and to add as much as you need depending on how many kilos of base material you have and correspond to the Colour Charts.

For example, if you have 8kg of base material and you want to achieve Colour 1 GA, the darkest tone, simply add one large 750cc container of pigment to the 8kg tub and mix well. Therefore if you are using 24kg of base material you will need to add three times 750cc of pigment to achieve the same colour.

The colours below are set up for Polished/Venetian Plaster and Creative Paint products. You can also use the same pigments in our Microcement but please look at the individual product brochures to see each specific colour chart.

These pigments are lime fast.