Metal Ore from Surfina - Iron Rust and Copper Verdigris Finishes


What are metal ore plaster finishes?

Metal ore plaster finishes are decorative finishes for interiors creating the look and texture of natural metals, such as copper or iron. The finish is a unique, multi-dimensional surface that mimics the appearance of oxidized or patinated metal.
Our online range of metal ore finishes which include iron rust and copper verdigris, allow you to create eye-catching and dramatic effects. Experiment with unique and exclusive textures and produce an urban style resulting in a distressed metal effect.

Metal ore finishes will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property and can be used in a variety of interior design styles; from modern or industrial to vintage or rustic, imitating the natural rusting process of iron or copper.

Unlike reactive metal finishes, this product gives you control over its appearance and finish.

Where can I apply metal ore plaster finishes?

Metal ore plaster finishes can be used on walls, ceilings, and furniture adding an interesting visual element to feature walls, accent pieces or entire rooms. They can be applied on wood and as a splashback.

They are often used in residential spaces, restaurants and other commercial spaces adding character and interest.

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Surfina Metal Ore benefits from being:

  • Water-based
  • Water resistant¬†
  • Lime-based
  • Solvent free and non-inflammable
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Metal ore plaster finishes are sold as a complete kit with primer, base material and finishes to cover 10 square metres.

They can be applied by brush, trowel and sponge.

In addition, the Rivet Stencil can be purchased separately and used on both Copper Verdigris and Iron Rust to create rivet or nail head effects.

Rivet Stencil

Iron Rust Finish

Iron Rust produces an urban style resulting in a distressed metal effect, giving the effect of an aged or oxidised patina of rust on the surface of iron. This dramatic finish is both eye-catching and practical.

Surfina Iron Rust  Surfina Iron Rust

 Replicating the appearance of rusty iron, the result is a spectacular finish.

Copper Verdigris Finish

Copper Verdigris gives the dramatic perception of an aged verdigris on the surface of copper. This striking finish is impressive and practical.

Surfina Copper Verdigris  Surfina Copper Verdigris

Creating the appearance of aged copper, the finish produces an individual and  natural-looking verdigris finish.

Why choose Stucco Veneziano for Metal Ore Finishes?

We have been offering an impactful range of quality metal ore products for a number of years. Our experienced team can provide advice and guidance on the best type to choose for your requirements. We have many happy customers and believe some of the reasons you should choose us are:

  • We offer a comprehensive selection of metal ore products
  • Our dedicated team of professionals is on hand to assist
  • We are a UK based company offering nationwide delivery
  • Competitive¬†prices for metal ore products

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