New - Backpack ZNO20

Backpack ZNO20

Available for a limited time and stock the new backpack with samples complete with luggage trolley.

This handy sample pack is being offered to the those who have bought from us in the past. It makes showing examples off easier and starts your sample collection which you can add to with your own work or when new products are released. 

Contains samples of:

  • Pietra Zen finished with Iper Vetro and Vetro Opaco
  • Pietra Spaccata finished with Iper Vetro
  • Pietra Vissuta finished with Vetro Lucido
  • Pietra Spaccata finshed with Gioia
  • Spatula Stuhhi High Light finished with Cera d'Api
  • Cemento Naturale finished with Cera d'Api
  • Pelle di Elefante finished with Vetro Lucido
  • Minimal Cotton
  • Muro Naturale Plus Bronzo finished with Cera d'Api
  • Via Lattea
  • Fili di Seta
  • Gioia