Polished Plaster Trends 2021

Polished Plaster Trends 2021

After 2020 being a challenging year, people are now valuing their homes and personal space so much more than previous years. It’s no wonder the top interior trends of 2021 involve natural styles that help calm the mood and soothe the mind, offering a more relaxing vibe. We believe that 2021 interior trends are to create an essence of tranquillity in your home, here are some ways in which we think polished plaster walls will fit beautifully with the trends of the forthcoming year.


A natural feel

No matter what earthly element inspires your interior from water to woodland or gravel to a sandy beach, natural hues and textures are a top trend for 2021. There are many ways to achieve a natural look when using Venetian Plaster . The application of Venetian Plaster creates a multi-tonal appearance, giving texture and direction, similar to travertine. Venetian plaster can be used as a statement wall in your home or can be used to create a direction in a hallway.


A dramatic feel

Metallic Venetian Plaster can create a dramatic effect, allowing a home’s personality to literally shine through. If your interior has been designed deliberately minimalist, consider whether it’s time to liven things up a bit.


A classic feel

Spatula Stuhhi is the perfect choice for this with its smooth texture. With cleverly placed lighting you can enhance the effect of Spatula Stuhhi as the light will enhance the reflective properties of this plaster, helping to highlight the gradual movement between the colour values. It comes in a wide range of colours which means you can achieve a seamless match with your existing scheme, or choose a brand new one, maybe even combining a variety of shades to create something truly unique.


Replace those tiles

It goes without saying, with our busy lifestyles we all want low maintenance. Tiles are what we would call low maintenance, however grouting has a habit of becoming discoloured, and mould growth is commonplace. Grouting also breaks up a seamless finish.

Polished plaster walls, however, require no grouting at all. So no broken lines. And the best part? Venetian polished plaster is regarded as a lifetime finish, which means you achieve your low-maintenance ambition. Due to polished plaster being lime-based it is the perfect solution for those rooms that would usually be tiled. Polished plaster is less prone to cracking and shrinking, even in damp conditions. In fact, if it gets wet, it will quickly allow any water that is absorbed to evaporate, because it is fully breathable. For this same reason, polished plaster walls can regulate humidity and prevent the growth of mould or fungus inside the wall.


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Polished Plaster Trends 2021