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Marmorino plaster

Marmorino plaster is made with lime, marble powder and finely crushed marble sand. With a resurgence of plaster, in general, marmorino plaster is the most recommended plaster material in the world. Environmentally friendly, highly resistant and aesthetically pleasing, Marmorino plaster is just an ideal plaster material to be used over previously existing latex paint, primed wood, primed sheetrock and other interiors and exteriors. Marmorino also, considered as, Lime Spatula is mostly used as paste plaster bases on calcium oxide, ideal for use on all kind of surfaces. With an increase in appreciation of natural materials for design, the use of Marmorino plaster is going viral all over the world. We at Stucco Veneziano are one of the most trusted distributors and suppliers of Marble, Italian and polished plasters in the UK. Our philosophy is, clear and straightforward, to provide the best quality, superior and environmental friendly polished plaster material at competitive prices, and therefore, ensuring a great customer experience with our products.

Are you looking for Marmorino plaster?

If you are planning to renovate your house or office and looking for the best quality plaster, Marmorino plaster will do all the work for you. Available in a wide range of colour combinations and textures you can choose the one that suits your requirement. Have a look at our colour chart which will give you a choice of over 50 perfect designer colours to choose from. We will help you create a subtle, designer and mesmerising textured walls at your house with our Marmorino plaster available in varying capacities at a very fair market price. No other wall finish can be compared to the resilience of a highly durable and water-resistant Marmorino plaster. It is just the right time to give your house the perfect look it deserves, browse through our colours of London signifying the various colours and textures available in our collection of Marmorino plaster.