Giorgio Graesan colours 

Pigment is available in two sizes: 62cc and 750cc to be mixed into the base material.

They are in liquid form, lime fast and can be added to any of the Giorgio Graesan products both polished plaster and creative paints so you can achieve consistent tones through different finishes.

Please see individual product brochure or formula sheet for the proportion of pigment to base.

Giorgio Graesan colours are divided into different families: 

Colours of London         Colours of the Sun

Colours of New York     Colours of Portofino 

Colours of Stone            Colours of the Soul

To find the formulas 

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Coloured Polished Plaster Paint

Renovating a house or designing a new one requires elegant yet cost-effective solutions,  nothing beats Venetian or as it’s often known Polished plaster. Polished plaster walls can bring life and interest to the humdrum interior and give it an extravagant and unique look without breaking the bank.  

A few years back, you’d have needed to hire experienced artisans to apply these stylish plasters. Now, Stucco Veneziano Ltd with Giorgio Graesan brings you many artistic finishes you can apply yourself, The product has been developed to make it easier to use and together with the videos it will give you the confidence to create yourself.  

Achieving this smooth, attractive look isn’t about the application but more about your imagination and desire to create something unique to you. There is a plaster colour to suit your interior design and the advantage that the same pigments can be used in the creative paints which can be used alongside the plaster. Choose from a wide spectrum of colours that allows you to mix and match colours and finishes. Let us show you how we can help realise your dreams, look through the gallery and see where your imagination takes you!  

Why Polished Plaster Is a Good Idea

Among all types of wall finishes, polished plaster stands as the healthiest, most durable, and most pocket-friendly option.  

Made from natural materials, polished plaster is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), and contains no plastic allowing your room and walls to breathe which is the reason your respiratory system will appreciate it, especially if you’re asthmatic or prone to allergies.  

In addition to being healthy, they’re easy to clean and can last for as long as you want them on your walls. They don’t stain easily and can hold up to moisture and other factors that can cause their colours to fade, so you’re guaranteed a long-lasting characteristic look for your house.  

Stucco Veneziano Polished Plaster Colours and Paints

At Stucco Veneziano, we know how tastes differ and how one single stunning finish can make all the difference to an interior design scheme, whether it’s residential or commercial. We offer an array of polished plaster colours, textures and finishes to help you achieve this dash of personality in your place.  

Among our collection, there are Venetian plasters and Creative paints, so let’s see what each of them is and what we have to offer in each category.  

Creative Paints

Creative paints can mean different things to everybody but what we have is a range of finishes that you can make your own. Using the same colour pigments as the Venetian plaster you can create pearlised walls using GIOIA or burnt gold using Oro Riccio as a very example. Applied by brush, roller or glove their range of finishes allows you to create something unique look at the product pages and the gallery for inspiration.  

Venetian Plaster Colours

Venetian plaster is a type of faux decorative finish made with lime and real marble dust to simulate the look and feel of solid marble surfaces. The texturing technique is created by the application of trowels and other tools instead of by brush. This technique has many names including Marmarino and Tadelekt but as we source our polished plaster from Italy we prefer  Venetian Plaster.  

Apart from the benefits we mentioned above, Venetian plaster is environment-friendly and resists mould and bacteria, thanks to the highly alkaline lime in the ingredients that makes it anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. (If you know the difference please tell me!)  

Although it suits the interior spaces better. The plaster primer has remarkable good adhesion to most surfaces which means Venetian Plaster can be applied over wood, tile, brick, old paint and many more.  

At Stucco Veneziano, we offer four finishes of Venetian plaster from Spatula Stuhhi, the finest to  Spirito Libero, Istinto, and Muro Naturale, each having thereon properties and creating different looks.  

As finishes originally designed to imitate real marble, all shades of green, red, pink and yellow are available for a classic look. However, golds, blues and purples are also available as options for a stylish, modern design.  

Why Choose Stucco Veneziano’ Coloured Plaster for Walls 

At Stucco Veneziano, we can offer you help and advice to choose the colour and finish so that you can create that wow factor you’ve been looking for in your home. Our collection is versatile with different finishes to suit all our customers across the UK.  

We hold stock in our warehouse in SW London and try to ship to you within 48 hrs unfortunately due to well-known factors outside our control deliveries if we are out of stock can take a little longer but we will make our best effort to fulfil your order so that your project is not delayed. 

Once you go through our wide selection of polished plaster, you’re sure to find the colour you’ve been looking for.  

We deliver to all locations in the UK, and our team, with decades of experience, provides assistance for those lost as to what decorative touch to add to their space.  

Contact Us Now!

Whether you’re looking to bring character to your home, renovate your working space or even looking for that accent on your wall, Stucco Veneziano can help.  

Take a look at our colour collection, and if you need help picking the right colour or have a  question about our products, you can give us a call or send an email, and our team will be at your service!