Decorative Paints


As one of the leading decorative paint specialists in the UK, we can provide a wide range of options covering everything from neutral tones to bright colours. Whether it is a subtle look you’re going for or something more striking, we have you covered. Our range of decorative paints are designed to be hardwearing and will give your wall the perfect finish. We offer a number of industry leading paints and you’re guaranteed to be impressed with the quality. Buy decorative paints online from Stucco Veneziano today!

Emulsions and Decorative Paints from Stucco Veneziano

Our decorative paints are available in a wide range of textured colours whether you need a glossy wall or a perfectly finished matte look. Our collection of paints and emulsions come with a subtle sparkle or shimmer creating visual textures and directional effects. With a hard wearing finish our decorative paints can paint your imagination on the wall. We only supply top quality decorative paints sourced from trusted manufacturers at a very fair competitive price in the UK.

Our Decorative Paint Options

Our top quality paints and emulsions come in a number of colour and finish options. Whether it’s a smooth or textured paint option you desire, we have you covered. We have spent years refining our range of decorative paint products to ensure we offer the most in demand colours and finishes. Some of the decorative paint options we regularly supply to customers across the UK are:

  • Oro Ricco - 2020
  • Gioia - 2000
  • Minimal 2030
  • Oro Pallido - 2010
  • La Via Lattea - 2050

No matter what type of decorative paint you might be looking for, we have you covered. Our paint is off the highest quality and is designed to be hardwearing; regardless of where it’s used. Should you be interested in purchasing any of our decorative paint or if you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our team is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

Why Choose Us For Decorative Paints?

We specialise in decorative paints and have a great selection of options to choose from. Our range has been refined over the years to ensure we are only offering the most in demand products. With many happy customers, we have listened to their feedback and believe some of the reasons you should choose us for decorative paints are:

  • Great selection of decorative paint options to choose from
  • Our paints perfectly complement our plaster and finishes
  • Full paint range can be browsed and purchased online
  • We provide delivery across the UK
  • Both matt and glossy options to choose from

Contact Stucco Veneziano for Quality Decorative Paints

If you’re looking for decorative paints to enhance the look of your polished or Venetian plaster, then we have a range of paints and emulsions to choose from. From bold choices like Oro Ricco to more neutral tones likes la via lattea, we have something to suit all styles and tastes. Our range of decorative paints can be purchased directly through our website. If you require more information on our decorative paint options then be sure to contact us today. One of our team is always on hand to assist.