Universo 1 litre - 2100

Universo is a paint containing lumnescent flakes, creating the effect of speckles of light.

The reformulated Universo with a new catalogue, showing the new colour finish to brighten your dreamy nights. Now the walls and ceiling of your rooms will glow in the dark with millions of stars.

Your own universe stretches across the surface, unseen during the day or in direct light but when the lights go down and evening evening comes it light up your nights and those of your children, taking you to a world of dreams.

Coverage 3-4 metres per litre

Universo is applied by brush or roller

Colour Chart

Technical Sheet

Material Safety Data

Code: 2100

Recommended Tools


Decorative Brush Small     


    Soft Brush         Mixing Spatula


     Stirring Blade          Sponge


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