Muro Naturale - 1075

Muro Naturale is a lime based product with marble powders and natural minerals including mica. 

Easily applied with just one coat and smooth to the touch, it can be naturally stained and coloured in 169 shades and easily enhanced with stripes, squares, rectangles and more. 

Muro Naturale can be left natural for maximum breathability protected with Savon D'Eau or, for superior protection, with Cera del Vecchio.

It is excellent for filling and presents a natural resistance to the forming of mould and bacteria.

Coverage 1.5-2kg = 1 metre  

see Colour Formula below


Code: 1075

Recommended Tools


Large Trowel          Zen Trowel


Bamboo Trowel      Nebuliser 


 Stucco Brush      Stucco Comb


      Sponge             Mixing Spatula 


    Stirring Blade


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