Venetian plaster is made of marble dust and when applied produces a polished, marble-like finish. By adding coloured pigment, a wide variety of colours can be created achieving consistent tones through different finishes.


Venetian Plaster is not limited to just being used on walls, it can also be used on other surfaces such as wooden panels and plasterboard, after the appropriate preparation has taken place. This makes it one of the most popular polished plaster products due to the fact that it is versatile, both in colour and finish.


The plaster coating of Venetian Plaster transforms into a rock-like substance once it has dried, making it is highly-durable. 

Easy maintenance

Venetian polished plaster requires little maintenance. Cleaning simply requires using a soft cloth with warm water and perhaps mild soap if needed.

When applied, Venetian Plaster dries to a durable finish and as it is less prone to cracking and shrinking, it can be an investment.

As it is applied in layers, it is easier to repair and to return to the superb smooth appearance without the need for re-plastering the entire wall.


Since Venetian plaster is made of non-toxic materials, it does not release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making it environment friendly.

The appeal of Venetian Plaster is that it allows walls to breathe making it suitable for locations with high humidity. The plaster acts as a defence against bacteria and fungus formation on the wall and therefore fights mould and inhibiting its growth. 

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