Should you be searching for metal ore finishes, then look no further, be sure to consider Stucco Veneziano’s online range of metal ore surfaces which create a dramatic effect. Our wide online range includes iron and copper and ensures there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Polished Metal Ores from Stucco Veneziano

Our top quality, highly durable and resistant metal ore plaster will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property and can be shipped worldwide. 

We aim to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, but at competitive prices, as well as guaranteeing an exceptional customer service experience. Feel free to contact our team for more information, or should you have any questions or queries regarding the metal ore surfaces that we provide, we can offer assistance with this too. 

Our Metal Ore options

Here are just two of the metal ore plaster options we offer, producing an urban style resulting in a distressed metal effect:

  • Copper Verdigris gives the dramatic perception of an aged verdigris on the surface of copper. This striking finish is both eye-catching and practical.
  • Iron Rust - gives the perception of an oxidised patina of rust on the surface of iron resulting in a spectacular finish.

Metal ore is becoming more and more popular and we are always adapting our range to meet the demand from our customers. The metal ore plasters we offer are of the highest quality and will give your commercial and residential property a unique look and feel. If you would like to find out more information about our metal ore products, just contact one of our team, we're always happy to help.

Why Choose Us For Metal Ores?

We have been offering our range of metal ore products to customers across the country for many years. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metal ore finishes, we have a great selection to choose from. Some of the reasons we believe you should choose us for metal ores are:

  • Dedicated team on hand to assist
  • We have spent years developing our range of metal ores
  • Metal ores offer a unique look and finish
  • We provide delivery throughout the UK
  • An impactful range of metal ores to choose from

Whatever your reason for adding metal ore to your decor, when you choose Stucco Veneziano you can trust that you’ll receive premium quality, at the best prices. 

Contact Stucco Veneziano for Quality Metal Ores

We are highly knowledgeable and experienced with the products included in our range and therefore, we only supply top quality products from trusted manufacturers. For more information on our metal ore options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively orders can be placed directly through our website.