Microcement from Nikkolor 

What is Microcement?

Microcement, also known as micro-screed, micro-concrete or micro-topping is a cement and polymer-based coating that is thinly applied to floors, walls and in some cases joinery in both residential and commercial environments to create a concrete aesthetic.

When it comes to versatile materials little can come close to microcement. Whether you are looking to have a polished concrete floor or revamp an old piece of furniture, the options are truly endless.

Why is it so useful?

Composed of cement, water-based resins, and pigments, microcement can be used on virtually hard surfaces. When used as a construction material or decorative material thanks to its exceptional adhesion your space will be transformed. 

This material is cutting edge and available in a range of finishes and thicknesses. With an elegant and clean look thanks to its joint-free and minimalist appearance, microcement can help you reimagine any space while offering a multitude of other benefits. 

Both hardwearing and exceptionally easy to clean and disinfect there is almost no location you could not use microcement. If you are looking for premium microcement, Stucco Veneziano should be your first port of call.

Where Can Microcement Be Applied?

Regardless of the space you have or the project you are undertaking, you really should consider microcement. If you are working on existing surfaces or building something new from natural materials, microcement could be the perfect material for you.

Our microcement range really can cover any surface, no matter the angle, size, or location. Given its seamless surface cleaning really is a breeze whether used for the floors and walls or furniture. 

Some examples of where microcement can be applied include wet rooms, kitchens, stairs, bathrooms and much more. For further details on the use of microcement please be sure to contact us.

Microcement Walls 

We are all looking to update our homes and offices, using microcement walls as a signature wall, multiple large surfaces, or for the entire house, really can redefine your space. With a clean and seamless look, microcement walls can make any space look chin and modern. 

Microcement Floor

Microcement flooring could be exactly what you need, both hardwearing and amazingly simple to clean, microcement flooring is perfect whether used in a high foot traffic area or an area where sanitation is paramount. 

While also provides a stunning seamless look when used in larger spaces a microcement floor can be an incredible replacement for your existing floors. It is also a breeze to add underfloor heating at the same time as applying your microcement flooring. For more information about microcement floors please get in touch. 


Mircocement is a perfect material to reimagine your bathroom, both easy to maintain, and resistant to moisture. Also depending on your finish choice, this can reflect amply natural light to create a bright and stimulating bathroom. 


The kitchen is the social centre of many homes and is a very versatile part of the home. Whether you are cooking for the whole family or entertaining guests with a drink, it only makes sense for the kitchen to use a material just as versatile.

Able to take continuous use and a hard clean when needed while still looking sleek and modern, microcement should definitely be considered for your kitchen. 


Few areas get as much traffic as your stairways, it is important that whatever material you use can stand up to the harsh punishment. Microcement is the ideal choice being both resilient to impact and capable of daily use without showing the signs of wear and tear.

It is worth noting that the application process is only as difficult as the shape you are using it on, as many stairs can be more complex in shape than a wall or cabinet, and application in a stairway may prove more time-consuming than others. 

Pools, Baths, Showers, and Wet Rooms 

Microcement is quickly becoming the obvious choice for areas such as swimming pools, baths and showers, thanks to the extremely durable, non-slip, and waterproof nature of microcement. It is also the go-to material for outdoor spaces due to its excellent resistance to UV rays. 

Outdoor Spaces 

As mentioned above the UV resistance of microcement makes it ideal for outdoor locations. However, as it also stands up to all weather it would be perfect for us regardless of your year-round weather conditions due to its water resistance and superior performance. 

Able to be used to cover existing substrates microcement is a brilliant way to update your outdoor space. Being very easy to maintain microcement you can rest assured your outdoor space will always look great. 


If you have a busy workshop microcement maybe that is missing able to be used on all surfaces and is extremely hard to wear. Keeping your workshop clean could be simpler with microcement, regardless of the work you do. 

Why Choose Microcement?

  • Many different styles and finished 
  • Seamless design 
  • Easy application to any surface
  • Highly adhesive 
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used in domestic and commercial environments
  • Options for anti-slip coatings
  • Quick and rubble free work
  • Natural materials
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Germ and Bacteria free spaces 
  • Microcement installations

Originally designed from trowelled concrete it couldn't be easier to apply microcement. Able to be applied to almost any surface, your imagination is the only thing that can limit you. 

The shape of the space you plan to use microcement on is more often than not the determining factor as to how difficult the application process with being. It is also easy to incorporate underfloor heating during application.

Microcement Finishes

Thanks to a wide range of options you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to microcement colours. Another important consideration is the finish you choose and once again you will have more options than your want for a microcement finish. 

It matters not if you are looking for non-absorbent surfaces, a smooth finish or a gloss finish, microcement will have an option for you. Learn more about the range of microcement colours available today.

Why Choose Stucco Veneziano For Microcement?

When it comes to microcement, our team at Stucco Veneziano have you covered. We have been providing microcement for concrete floors and walls for many years now, so regardless of your needs for microcement, be sure to call on our team.

Some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us when in search of microcement are:

  • We serve the whole of the UK
  • We offer a range of polished concrete and polished plaster
  • Our microcement offers a seamless finish
  • All of our microcement products are produced to the highest quality
  • We're affordable - Call us to discuss our work

For more information about us or the micro concrete we have to offer, please waste no time and be sure to give our team a call. We have been providing polished plaster and microcement to clients throughout the UK for many years now, so regardless of your needs we're here to help.

Whether we're working with a homeowner or interior designers, on an existing surface or new floor, we're here to help. Be sure to give us a call today to discover more about our services.

Microcement FAQs

Is it waterproof?

Microcement are suitable for use in wet rooms, baths and spas for direct water exposure with the appropriate sealant. 

Can it be used on floors?

Microcement is a highly durable material that may be used on flooring. It comes in a wide variety of colours and has a lovely seamless appearance.

Can it be used around fireplaces?

Yes, microcement is flame and fire-resistant, making them perfect for this location as well as a statement feature unit.

How easy is it to clean?

For ordinary day-to-day blemishes, wipe with a warm moist cloth and then pat dry.

What if we want to re-design in future?

If you wish to modify the feature's design, we can start again with a different finish. If you wanted to restore the wall to its original condition, you could sand it down and repaint it. Skim plaster may be required if your design is extensively textured.

For Microcement Application, Choose Stucco Veneziano

At Stucco Veneziano we are proud to offer a hand-selected range of microcement products from Nikkolor. No matter the project you are starting we will have not only the product but also the expert advice you will need. Contact us today to find out more about our polished concrete floor products and microcement. We will be happy to offer further advice and information ensure that you find the most suitable product for your project.

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