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Terra di Turchia 61

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  • Terra di Turchia 61 - Stucco Veneziano UK

Stucco Veneziano UK

Terra di Turchia 61

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  • Terra di Turchia 61

    One of 20 individual colours, Terra di Turchia 61 is a ground and processed natural pigment used to colour your chosen CalceTerra base.

    Terra di Turchia 61 can be used on its own or mixed with one or more other colours as desired. See the Colour Chart showing 60 different combinations or you can also create your own bespoke formula.

    Natural Sands can be added to CalceTerra Cotton, Linen, Jute and Hemp to obtain the 60 shades of the collection. These CalceTerra finishes can be protected using the natural sealer, Caseina, Opako or Invisibile.

    This pigment are available in 100 or 300 gram tubs.

    Proportion of Natural Sands to base

    1 kg CalceTerra requires 20 g Natural Sands

    5 kg CalceTerra requires 100 g Natural Sands

    15 kg CalceTerra requires 300g Natural Sands

    To colour CalceTerra

    The colours of CalceTerra are obtained by adding Natural Sands, available in 20 different shades, to your chosen base. Each colour has its own name and code number, for example, 73 - Terra di Cipro. 

    To achieve the 60 colours of the collection, please read the code correctly.

    To read the colour chart, the product code of the relevant CalceTerra base is first, for example CT1, followed by a number which denotes the colour of Natural Sand, for example 31. 

    The colour code can consist of two numbers, for example CT1 31.73. In which case the quantity of natural sand pigment will be doubled.

    Code Example: CT1 31.73
    CT1 = Base CT 1 Texture Cotton

    31 - Terra di Oltramare
    73 - Terra di Cipro

    Colour Chart

    Material Safety Data

    You can also add Mica flakes in Silver (Argento) or Bronze (Bronzo) for additional effect.